domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

The description of the school

Hello mates I will comment on about the description of the school, well trained Physical Therapist currently vacant this with the school and college, is located in Benjamin Franklin, the school with 40 classrooms and college about not-well has 5 rooms computing, a library, we have a parkin for students, a gym, a pool, a basketball court, has 2 laboratories,
stewardship and leadership, each in high school has a coordinator for section and sections are divided 5 by 5, has 2 campus and the first are the high school campus and the second the university and San Fernando is medical school, we also have soccer facilities in Santa Lucia.


sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010


There are many methods to learn English and here are some tips so they can learn a little hope that they like and practice it.

One of the most used methods is to repeat phrases in English and translated using translation dictionaries and books.
other method of learning is to speak and practice English in talks to speed up the oral expression.

Is a very good method is to listen and repeat this can be done with songs and music in English and also can make phrases and study them and translate some songs and understand what the lyrics say in English and Spanish.
A highly recommended method is to see movies with and without subtitles, and repeat the phrases that you can understand some practice their English with someone else and so can speak and practice and the method is generally hear about repeat assimilate read and write.

You can also use software to learn how you can dictate to your PC and so can be taken primarily vocabulary but be patient and put q is a habit of continuous learning which does not get bored and Estes are entertaining and fun to vary the type of daily routine in order to learn English

something I hope these tips serve them and use them.
hi! this is our blog here you will find everything and moreThe responsible for creating this blog are:MARIANA, FRANCISCO, WILLIAM, OMAR & HUMBERTO discover a little more about us!!

MARIANA-well I am a fun girl who likes going out and partying =D I like romantic movies and love music the way I always do singing but not so well...also I like everything about fashion

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FRANK- I´s a person who has likes de sports is a boy who says "I give up". Is the person passionate whith the sports, and de girls. He is a god frind and a exelent person.

WILL-I am of average height color black hair brown eyes I am a good friend and good person I have many hobbies like collecting cars and listening to music and especially the trova


HUMBERTO- I´m a person who likes the sports, i love run and play with my team. I love my girlfriend. I like the love music.

what we would like to study

well then we are very different each one wants to study something different and has different plans! for example:

Mariana & Will want to study law at one of the best universities in Mexico

MarianA is planning to go to the free end right and after going to America to do a postgraduate thus be more prepared and have more work while oportuninades

William wants to study criminal law makes it very important to defend people like Marian the plans to go abroad to study a little and do a Master or a postgraduate

Frank wants to go abroad on a fellowship in sports because football practice then your idea is to get a scholarship to study abroad and go beyond the study finds that beyond will make you more opportunities and more ability

Umberto clerk wants to study because he likes everything that has to do with mathematics is important here but English does not give much importance as in other races might be necessary

Omar wants to study international relations loves dealing with people and businesses the acer is aware that he needs much study and master at least 3 languages one by supesto must be the English for that you plan to go finish high school after one year and canada so they can study English